Ryan Carter – Freelance Designer

Freelance designer and developer based in County Durham, north east England. Specialising in modern website design and development in addition to graphic design for print and branding. I love creating clean design whilst keeping it effective and creating impact.

I love to solve problems in simple elegant ways. Design is one part of the process. A tool used in bringing new ideas into the world. It just so happens to be my favoured tool of choice.

Aspers Casino – Summer Fruits – Slot Machine Promotion

Summer Fruits was a scratch card based promotion which aimed to increase interaction among a specific group of Slots players known as ‘The Slots Club’.
A scratch card could be redeemed daily and once a player matched 3 fruits, they were eligible for freeplay on a slot machine. The cards were random so a player may collect 2/3 cards and not match the third fruit – Players were encouraged to swap among themselves creating a sense of community between the group.


July 01, 2012


Design, Identity