Ryan Carter – Freelance Designer

Freelance designer and developer based in County Durham, north east England. Specialising in modern website design and development in addition to graphic design for print and branding. I love creating clean design whilst keeping it effective and creating impact.

I love to solve problems in simple elegant ways. Design is one part of the process. A tool used in bringing new ideas into the world. It just so happens to be my favoured tool of choice.

Web Design

Your website is your window to the world. A website should communicate your services and brand values, engage with your audience and give you a stronger market presence than your competitors. I have succesfully worked on large, high functioning content managed websites, as well as smaller blog led websites for new businesses trying to get a foothold online. My approach to designing websites focuses on the users experience and I build your site so that visitors can find their way round, getting to the product, service or information they need quickly and easily. I build everything to the latest web standards and test your website to make sure it works across the huge range of modern web browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

Design for Print

With many businesses moving away from print for cost or environmental reasons, the marketing potential of a printed document presented to a client or customer is more powerful than ever. Design for print encompasses any piece of artwork that’s created with print in mind. Whether that be a flyer, business card or a 48-sheet billboard, I’ve worked on them all. I can create engaging and effective artwork from a fresh slate or help develop the corporate work you already have if you are building a brand. As well as working for you, I also work with you. I’m not averse to questioning how a piece works for you. My clients trust my insight, experience and ability to add value where possible.


Your brand reflects your personality and creates a sub-conscious expectation about the quality of a product or service, whether that be good or bad. This has a huge influence in the marketplace when customers are looking to make a choice. I have worked with many brands both large and small and there is a constant with every piece of branding work I undertake. Your brand should always be at the heart of what you project to your customers, whether that be via product or service. Brand experience continually evolves. A brand can be affected by any communication within the world – a superb phone conversation, a PR article, social media… anything involving customer experience. I can help to make sure all the elements work to support, never undermine, your brand.

Online Advertising

As a fully qualified Google Partner, I am able to offer a plethora of online advertising solutions for your business, giving you projections on getting the right traffic to your site though a variety of online advertising techniques. The beauty of online advertising is that it can be tailored to suit any budget. I have worked with large budget projects that span 6-12 months as well as 1 week intense campaigns designed to drive traffic during a slow period.