Ryan Carter – Freelance Designer

Freelance designer and developer based in County Durham, north east England. Specialising in modern website design and development in addition to graphic design for print and branding. I love creating clean design whilst keeping it effective and creating impact.

I love to solve problems in simple elegant ways. Design is one part of the process. A tool used in bringing new ideas into the world. It just so happens to be my favoured tool of choice.


Spotify Auto A-Z Playlist Sorter.

Sort Spotify playlists alphabetically by name, Separates collaborative and subscribed playlists into individual A-Z Lists.

1. Open ‘libspotifysharp.playlist.update.exe.config’ in a text editor
2. replace the username and password fields with, you guessed it. Your username and password.
3. save and close
4. Open libspotifysharp.playlist.update.exe
5. Enjoy.

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